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Assalamu Aleikum to all.

Maulana Muhammad Ali's translation of 32:5 runs thus:

"He orders the Affair from the heaven to the earth; then it will ascend to Him
in a day the measure of which is a thousand years as you count"

His Commentary on this verse is also quite sensible:

"Al-Amr or the Affair is the Affair of Islam, and its ordering or regulation
from heaven to earth means that it comes from heaven and will be established
firmly on earth. Then we are told that it will ascend to God in a day, the
measure of which is a thousand years. As regareds the period of its firmness,
we are told in a hadith that it will retain its purity for three centuries:
'The best of the generations is my generation then those who follow them, then
those who follow them, then after them will come people who will pride
themselves in abundance of wealth and love plumpness' (Tr. 31:39). According to
another Hadith: 'There will come a people in which there is no good' (KU. VI,
2068). The words of another are: 'A crooked way - they are not of me nor am I
of them' (KU. VI 2073). That there is a prophecy here is shown by the next
verse, which says, 'such is the Knower of the unseen and the seen'. Thus, we
have here a prophecy relating to the future of Islam. This prophecy was made
known at a time when there was not the least indication that Islam would be
established in the earth; it was the middle of the Makkan period, when the
cause of Islam was utterly hopeless. At that time the Prophet was told that
Islam would be firmly established at first. That the cause would go on
advancing for three centuries is made clear by the Prophet's saying. After that
the cuase of Islam would be chequered and it would have its set-backs, which
would continue for a thousand years. The limitaion of the period of chequering
shows clearly that, after that, the advancement of Islam will again be as
unhampered as it was in its early stages in the time of the Prophet and after

May Almighty Allah Guide us all to the Truth
Yours in Islam

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